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Best Beginner Dildos for Anal Penetration​
Sex toys are not something openly talked about. Much more taboo are conversations on the idea of having sexual intercourse via the anal route. Anal sex is deemed unaccepted for most religious groups and is also considered high-risk by medical practitioners because of the sensitivity of the anus and rectum. These are the reasons why it can be very hard to buy the right kind of dildo for anal sex – especially if you are a newbie.

Luckily, there are some guidelines to help you out. This article will explain to you the factors to consider when buying an anal dildo for the first time.

1. Size – The length and girth of a dildo is highly important when it comes to anal intercourse. Since the anus and rectum is very vulnerable to cuts when penetrated, a first timer should begin small and just increase gradually.

In starting out, it is highly recommended to be not more than five and a half inches in length and should be no larger than one and one fourth inches in diameter. This size can suffice the needs of beginners as too long and too large of a diameter may cause chronic pain and swelling that can put off a user from using dildos again.

2. Material – Dildos are made up from different types of materials, ranging from latex, jelly, silicone, wood, metal, and glass. Today, there are even skin-like materials used in manufacturing them. Widely accepted as safe and pleasurable to use for beginners are silicone dildos. Silicone dildos give the convenience and comfort of having just the right amount of hardness and rigidness.

Don’t try to use glass, metal, or wood dildos if you are still a novice. These types of dildos are too hard for the initial enthusiastic anal sex and will cause much soreness and inflammation if continued. Also, avoid dildos that contain phthalates. These are chemicals that the FDA believes as cancerous and may cause fertility problems.

3. Support – The support or the base of a dildo should also be considered before buying. Particularly for strap-on types, the support of the dildo should have the right size to fit securely in the harness. Read the product details carefully before buying a strap-on and a dildo to make sure they are compatible. Better yet, just buy pre-accessorized starter kits to make sure you are properly equipped.

4. Shape – It is also highly recommended for beginners to use smooth-textured, realistic dildos than oddly-shaped ones that have bumps and crevices. For inexperienced users, the unnatural shape and texture of some dildos, specifically those with exceptionally large penile heads, can cause irritation and pain in the anus and rectum. It is better to first start with a more natural look and feel before experimenting on advanced types.

Based on the above considerations, the best type of dildo for beginners to use for anal sex is one that has an average size, silicon or Cyberskin material, right support, and a more realistic shape and feel.